About Bichon Frise

Other Name: Bichon à poil frisé, Bichon Tenerife 
Breed Size: small
Height: 9.5-11.5 inches
Weight: 12-18 pounds
Colour: white 
Origins: near Mediterranean Sea 
Coat: medium length, silky texture with curls 
Features: floppy ears, as fluffy as Marshmallow
Traits: cheerful, playful, curious, gentle, easy-going

The Birth of Dreamer Bichon

Our avatar is inspired by the founder’s beloved Bichon Frise, who had been already turned into an angel and set free in heaven. Nevertheless, this collection has witnessed its rebirth in the Solana Blockchain!

Be the free spirit like Dreamer Bichon

In the collection, our avatar is a free spirit that can be transformed into a repertoire of characters with different gender, attributes and traits. Thereby, Dreamer Bichon wants to remind everyone not to stop chasing your dreams, as you will catch them someday.

Spread the Love with Us

We will dedicate 10% of our mint proceedings to HK-based dog welfare organizations selected by our community to rescue stray dogs in need. Volunteering activities will also be held among our community to spread happiness and love to the stray dogs. 

About OUR NFT Launch

Mint your Dreamer Bichon to unlock the access to a wide range of exclusive privileges and holder-only events.

Minting Begins

13 August 2022

15:00:00 GMT

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Total Supply


Flash Mint Price

1.28 SOL

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The Bichons


Bichon Beauty
Bichon Robot
Bichon Doll
Rainbow Bichon
White Berewolf
Icy Bichon
Silver Bichon
Mysterious Bichons

Our Roadmap

Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaborate with other NFT projects and business partners to enhance our brand exposure and boost the NFT knowledge of the public respectively

Werewolves x Dreamer Bichon
Launch our exclusive NFT-printed "Werewolves" card game pack


Organize varieties of giveaways, i.e. Whitelist Giveaway, Collaborative Giveaways, etc. 

Pre-sale and Public Sale

Pre-sale of 2888 fashion collection for whitelist members before the official public sale (10% of the collection will be reserved for marketing purposes)

Secondary Market Place

Listing of the above NFT collection on the marketplace such as Magic Eden, Alpha Art marketplace once all NFTs have been minted

VIP Privileges for Holders

To express our sincere thanks to our supporters, holders will be entitled to a range of attractive benefits including exclusive VIP discounts and merch collection


Guest Speaker Invitation

Invite guest speakers such as NFT marketplace founder, NFT Venture Capitalist, cryptocurrency experts to share their knowledge and insights with our bichonlovers

Animal Charitable Fund

Set up of an animal charitable fund that comprises 10% of our mint profit to provide aid to all the dogs

NFT Staking

DB NFT holders can stake their DB NFTs on the DeFi NFT staking platform to earn the DB token $BICHON, where $BICHON can be used to exchange different rewards and benefits such as DB merchandise, offers and discounts of DB Entertainment Experience Centre, project 2.0 WL & Airdrop, etc

Board Game Development

Apart from the DB Werewolves Game Card, we are recently working on the design process of our new exclusive board game, which is 100% original

The Birth of 3D Bichon Avatar

Dreamer Bichon will develop its 3D Bichon avatar in the metaverse. Holders will be given a chance to own a 3D Dreamer Bichon avatar, who will also be your best companion in the metaverse. 

Dreamer Bichon is far more from a PFP, it's alive!

Our Bichon Family

Founder Bichon
Creative Bichon
Founder Bichon
Co-Founder Bichon
Creative Bichon
PR Bichon
Administrator Bichon
Strategic Bichon
Marketing Bichon
Production Partner Bichon

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when can I get my Dreamer Bichon?

You can mint your own Dreamer Bichon directly on this website.
We will be also listed on the SOL NFT secondary marketplace after the public mint.
For the pre-sale and public mint date, join our Discord community to receive the latest information.

How to get my Dreamer Bichon NFT?

Our project is developed on the Solana Blockchain, thus SOL will be used as the cryptocurrency for transaction. If your are newbie, follow the guide below to get your Dreamer Bichon:

1. Set up a cryptocurrency trading account (Binance is recommended)
2. Purchase Solana using your local currency on Binance
3. Create a Phantom Wallet using your desktop and add it to Chrome extension
4. Transfer SOL from Binance to your Phantom Wallet
5. Once the mint is open, connect your wallet with our website and click "Mint"
6. Mint your own Dreamer Bichon by clicking "Mint" button 

What is the total supply?

The Dreamer Bichon SOL NFT Collection consists of 2,888 unique Bichon Frises, while 10% of the collection will be reserved for marketing purpose.

What are the royalties?

There are 10% royalties, which will be all dedicated to our community. 

Is this project donating to a specific charity?

10% of our mint profit will be donating to the animal charity in HK. Holders are eligible to vote for the specific charity they would like to donate to, as well as the distribution of donation.